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  • Avon brochures campaign 2 2018Avon brochures campaign 2 2018:

    Oh yeah, by the way you can easily find the catalog here, have a look and read along if you like.

    So we extremely enjoyed the two-for-one deals because they had both the 'for him', and the 'for her' products. Specifically we tried the moisturizers first which conditioned really well and the fragrance was very relaxing.

    We ended up getting some perfume and cologne as well; this was the best of all. I had to get a second bottle because I ended up wearing it everywhere! In the morning before work, after my workout in the afternoon and even before bed! I just felt good wearing it. Better yet was the fragrance my partner was wearing, I was a little pushy for her to wear it whenever we got to spend time together which isn't very often given our hectic schedules. Luckily AVON made it easy to ship the products straight to us when we needed them. I even noticed the other day she had a new handbag, you and I guessed right, she ordered it and it came straight away.

  • Avon brochures campaign 1 2018Avon brochures campaign 1 2018:

    Osveen The AVON brochure campaign for its New Zealand district came out just on the 1st of January and boasts as vast a number of products as the products are varied. Already on the 2nd page are two unbelievable deals. The left side holds a thirty gram bottle of Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation, which was formerly $29.99, but one can now buy one for $12.99, when spending at least $15, two when at least $30, and three when at least $45. This deal is the same over the whole brochure. The right side has an Ideal Flawless Crème-to-powder Foundation set, which has the exact same deal as its page counterpart. The 3rd page has transfer-resistant, waterproof, and smudgeproof mascara that used to be $19.99 but is now $7.29.

    The matte lipstick on page 4 was once $22.99 but is now $11 cheaper. But on page 5 is an even greater deal, which is a set that includes bronzing pearls, normally $24.99, a multistylo, usually $16.99, and a face brush, formerly $15.99, but the whole set is only $27 because of the New Year sale, the reason for all these price drops. Some more items whose price the New Year sale has reduced are the following.

  • Avon brochures campaign 22 2017Avon brochures campaign 22 2017:

    Having the perfect beauty tools to make you confident is something most people usually struggle with during the summer, whether it's smelling like sweat at the beach, or putting on lipstick only for it to fade an hour later. With Avon's 'I Love Summer' Sale, you won't have to worry about the money burning a hole in your pocket for a perfect summer. We'll start on page 4 with the Extra Lasting Lipstick with SPF 15, which is regularly $22.99 but is $7.29 for a limited time, so stock up while you can. One thing I have noticed is that the lipstick color you order, and the lipstick color you receive can be two different colors, seeing as there were many people with this problem. However, the color still came out to be beautiful, the application process is easy, the pigmentation in the lipsticks is incredible, and anytime I wear it out, I am in love. On page 20, you'll notice that you can buy a perfume for $23.99, and get a free travel spray when it originally cost $49.99 by itself. One of my personal favorites would have to be Far Away Infinity because I feel as if I smell like a goddess who just woke up in a forest surrounded by dancing fairies. It gives a very earthy, sexy, floral scent, and I get nothing but compliments when I wear it out. My summer truly would not be the same if I did not feel confident looking the way I did wearing my favorite lipstick and perfume.

  • Avon brochures campaign 21 2017Avon brochures campaign 21 2017:

    Avon brings its Sumer Sale in the form of a Christmas Gift Guide catalog. From kitchen preparation sets and food tents, to bottle holders and sunscreen lotions; you are sure to find anything you may need for this Christmas summer.

    The brochure is adequately distributed. The first things you'll see are creams, perfumes, and makeup implements. All of these for the women who want to look better this season. Then we've got tonics, lotions and deodorants, for the men out there who want to smell nice. In between, you'll find smart-watches and backpacks for the children of the Household. Of course, the house itself can't be left out. That's why you'll also find kitchen and garden accessories. Near the end, you'll locate Double up and Save promotions and skincare products designed to protect your skin from all kinds of dangers, especially the sun. The main purpose of this catalog is to provide you with anything you may need to have a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and Summer vacation.

  • Avon brochures campaign 20 2017Avon brochures campaign 20 2017:

    “I was wearing this Active-3-in-1 shirt and someone actually gave me a complementary cookie with my coffee because they loved it.”

    It is not unusual to hear these kinds of anecdotes from shoppers of the New Zealand online retailer of apparel and beauty products, AVON. They flaunt enough variety of products to break all records. You may probably be aware of what AVON is because of its generous presence in digital space. But a real interaction with the website will be unbelievably rewarding for fashion freaks. Many have claimed that they have found the hottest it’ item long before it creates that buzz and becomes all too common.

    AVON is essentially a roundup everything trendy. Get acquainted with it through the AVON brochure campaign 20 2016 New Zealand, where their apparel, beauty products, jewelry, home décor and kitchen appliances are displayed. Buying them cut-rate is only one of the alluring factors, they believe fashion is a way of life. Truly, you need such clothes and funky accessories that go with them.

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